Pug Care Tips and Suggestions

Pug Care Tips

In this article, we’re going to talk about Pug Care Tips and Suggestions. Every Pug owner should be aware of this kind of knowledge.

Is Pug Care Difficult?

Pug breed dog care is one of the most curious subjects of people who want to feed this dog. Pug dogs are among the top breeds of dogs that can be fed at home. Pug dogs are short due to their characteristics. This keeps them clean all day long with an easy scan with the dog comb brush. Pug dogs do not bark excessively. You can use dog clothes, dog beds, and dog cushions for a long time because they will not grow much in size even if they are aged.

Toilet Training for Pug Dogs

Although it provides convenience in feathers, it is a bit troublesome to give them a toilet habit. However, after getting used to it, there is no problem. You can benefit from dog training products while training them.

Pug breed dog care requires attention due to its small size. For example, pug dogs cannot swim well because of their short forearms. If you plan to go on holiday with your lovely dog, you should definitely buy a dog life jacket.

The facial features of the genus Pug are quite curved. Therefore, food crumbs, saliva and dirt accumulate between them and may cause eye infections and fungi. There may be a bad smell. Irritation and flushing may hurt your dog. Therefore, the face curves need to be cleaned. When cleaning;

  • If your dog’s skin is irritated or reddened, apply moisturizing creams for dogs slowly to the curls on the face.
  • Using slightly damp cotton, gently remove any dirt from the curls.
  • Clean these folds and layers regularly once a week. If you think it smells, you can clean it in less time.
  • Be careful not to get dirt on the nostrils and eyes.

Water needs of this breed are higher than other dogs. In winter and summer months when the weather is dry, especially water needs to be paid attention. The water you drink into your Pug should not be tap water. Some substances that are found in the network waters to protect against harmful bacteria and diseases are not healthy for your dog. It can cause bowel disorders such as stomach pain, diarrhea or constipation.

Other harmful substances

  • Chrome; May have a carcinogenic effect.
  • Fluorine; The substance is toxic to dogs.
  • Chlorite; can cause central nervous system diseases
  • HCB can cause liver disease and skin lesions.
  • And heavy metals cause disruption of organs.

For this reason, water consumption should be checked by using ready water and paying attention to its content. They should drink 1.5-2 liters of water per day.

Special Interest by Season

Pug, which is prone to shortness of breath, should avoid the midday heat during the summer exercise. It can preferably walk early in the day or in the evening and after. Ice cream, not too cold cool water, frozen succulents will come in good for Pug eating. You can use items such as a cooling mat to keep your dog cool. These cushions start to work with excess body temperature and stop automatically when there is normal body temperature.

In winter you need to adjust your dog’s exercises according to the weather. Pug, which can overheat, is likely to undergo hypothermia at very low temperatures. Although they have thick hair, they can be stubborn to avoid going out in the winter. They may exhibit allergic reactions such as spring months and enter a mating period. This can lead to moodiness and attempts to escape.

There are many factors shedding your dog’s hair, some of which can be controlled, while others are a natural bodywork. The Pug, which is usually black, has a single feather layer and is uncoated, while the other color has a lucky and double layer lined feather layer. This will cause them to shed too much if you feel more discomfort than hair, or if you have asthma, such as this breed dog will not be suitable for you.


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