Pug Dog Training

Pug dog training will tire you a bit. These dogs are very friendly and can sometimes do laziness. Therefore you need to show some patience during their training. In addition, the wrinkles on the face and body should be cleaned frequently. A lot of dirt can accumulate there and disturb your dog. Although it is not very good with water once or twice a month to wash it will prevent future health problems.

The most serious problem of these breed dogs, which have a high probability of having health problems, is the damage to the brain membrane. To prevent this, to be noticed in advance, it should be under regular veterinary control. Vaccinations will also reduce the likelihood of having a health problem.

These dogs, called lap dogs ında when they first appeared, did not leave the Chinese rulers. Corneal diseases should be considered in these dogs with eyes. Eyelids can be curled into. Many trainers providing Pug dog training say that these dogs need some time.

Even though the training prices are a little high, these essential training should be started when the Pugs are very small. These dogs, which are very small in size, can give birth to 3, 4 pups in one abdomen. These dogs, who cannot give birth to these puppies alone, have to get veterinary assistance. The offspring to be taken with the Sezer side can sometimes be born dead. For Pugs who have problems adjusting their body temperature, the room temperature should be 25 – 26 degrees on average.

Pug can understand basic obedience orders with dog training. And when they receive toilet training, there will be no problems for the home environment. The lack of hair removal problems also makes their maintenance much easier.

However, it may shed a little during the seasons. This is quite normal. An adult male Pug in size can be between 30 and 36 centimeters long. In females, this length is between 25 and 30 centimeters. In weight, adult male Pugs weigh between 6 and 9 kg, while females weigh between 6 and 8 kg. This means that the pugs that have more than one pound have fat in their bodies.

If you experience such a problem, you should go directly to the veterinarian and show your dog. And if you increase your exercise time on a daily basis, your weight will return to normal for a certain period of time.


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